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The Cypher Society. Society Has Evolved. Est 1993.

Originated in the experimental social movement which began on March 4, 1988.
Evolved from 1988 to 1992. Catalyzed and accelerated during the Alpha Beta Delta Fraternity and the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority social orders of 1990 to 1991.
Founded as the Frontier Society on October 26, 1993.
Continued to evolve over the next 24 years as mainstream society fell behind our innovations and our advancements.
Rebranded the Cypher Society on June 25, 2017.
Now active and seeking the people of tomorrow.
We are the dominant genome in today’s ecosystem, displacing elements of society.
We are the Cypher Society. We are one.

Welcome to the Cypher Society web site.
The Cypher Society is an underground cybernetic subculture and think tank made up of gifted members of society who were recruited and assimilated into our ranks and who operate separately from mainstream society. While respecting the laws and the rules of mainstream society, we have created something that is entirely our own. Our ideas, our technologies, and our concepts are very much ahead of anything found in mainstream society, cost-effective and sustainable with the resources of mainstream society, and you could say that we are the people of the future, coexisting with the less evolved and enlightened people of the present, which is really something to claim when it is our opinion that people were smarter and more evolved than they were in the present, as mainstream society has become a dumbed-down, duplicitous, pretentious, hypocritical mess with people faking what they know and with the liberal movement making everything that makes sense “wrong”. Indeed, in today’s mainstream society, discrimination and intolerance are disguised as acceptance and tolerance, which makes everything a lie, which is especially worse in a country which has had many of its freedoms taken away since this nation over reacted to the events of September 11, 2001.
We are not a part of that, however, as we think for ourselves and do our own thing. We have life figured out. We know who we are and what we are doing.
We are very much evolved, especially compared to present mainstream society; our lives are hardly superficial and meaningless. We have a purpose.
We have no competition. We have no peers. We transcend mainstream society and hold ourselves to a more enlightened standard.
We know the future because we are the ones creating it. We are the society of the future, operating in the present.
We are an underground cyber subculture, founded on October 26, 1993 as the Frontier Society by DJ Frontier and a group of innovative, trend setting cyberpunks born of the Rave movement of the early 1990's, when mainstream society was actually significantly more intelligent and educated than the current mainstream society, and when most people were individuals and thought for themselves.
For many years, we operated as the Frontier Society, and still retain the rights to the name even today, but renamed ourselves the Cypher Society on June 25, 2017, electing to continue using our slogan, “Society Has Evolved”, because, for us, at least, it has.
After clearing trademark checks through the United States Patent and Trademark Office AND determining that four similar .Com domain names were available to effectively stake our claim on the branding (social media does not count, as anyone can squat on any name free of charge), determining that the name of the Cypher Society made more sense to describe us than the branding Frontier Society, we decided to change our branding, while retaining our rights to the original Frontier Society branding, of which we have had issues with cyber squatters over since 2003 because of a rookie mistake that we made when we were new to domain names and web sites (we learn from our mistakes. We are very good at this, today, although that does nothing to fix what went wrong 14 years ago. Although we do not own the best .Com domain names for the Frontier Society, we can still prove first use and do own and maintain one domain name for it, although people may get confused and land on some other domain name if they tried to find us that way.
That said, the Cypher Society is the same underground cyber subculture that we were when we were founded on October 26, 1993, and that is our founding date. Despite the change in our branding, however, DJ Frontier is still DJ Frontier, and an online publication that we founded in 2010, Frontier Pop, retains its branding.
Effective immediately, this web site replaces the original Frontier Society web site as our official web site, although that web site will be redone soon as a web site with continuity to the design of this web site under the original Frontier Society branding, so that we can maintain the rights to that branding. The content will remain on that web site, and new content will be produced for the Cypher Society web site.

Society Has Evolved. Just not for everyone.

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The Cypher Society. Society has Evolved.

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